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Dojo Etiquette


Etiquette plays an important part in our training.  


The points below should give you an understanding of etiquette within our karate dojo’s.



  • Remove outer clothing (overcoat, shoes etc) before entering the dojo floor.

  • Bow and "osu" when entering and exiting the dojo area and dojo floor.

  • When joining or leaving your training partner always bow to acknowledge their help during that session.



At the beginning of class Sensei faces the class the commands are as follows:

  • "Seiza" (formal kneeling position) all rei (bow) and then kneel (fists on thighs).

  • "Shomen Ni rei" (bow to shrine).

  • "Mokuso" (close eyes for meditation). Concentrate on your breathing, prepare yourself for training.

  • "Mokuso yame" (stop meditating, open eyes).

  • "Sensei ni rei" (bow to Sense) all bow.

  • "Otagi ni rei" (bow to all), all place fists to the floor and bow.

Showing Spirit

A loud kiai is a perfect display of good spirit by yelling at the same moment when a technique such as a block or strike is executed. The purpose of the Kiai, motivates oneself and the class to work harder with techniques executed with power and sharp movement.



Students must remain focused and silent during class. You must listen carefully to your instructor’s commands at all time. You are required to try your best everytime you train.


Personal Etiquette

  • Always keep your Gi clean and tidy. Repair any rips or tears.

  • No jewellery is to be worn during class as it may injure you or another person.

  • Fingernails and toe-nails should always be kept short.

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